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Who We Are

Headquartered in Srinagar, with over 400+ employees, IA Multi Ventures (P) Limited is a well-known Distribution and Logistics Company in Jammu, Kashmir & Leh for Samsung Mobiles and P&G. Our focus is on the sustainable growth and development of our business by ensuring the availability and on-time supply of the products in every nook and corner of the areas assigned.
Apart from our core business, we prioritize Innovation and Technology as well.

Athwas Retail: Revolutionizing Your Shopping Experience

The ultimate shopping destination set to redefine retail. Our upcoming physical store will feature an exciting array of high-quality products across various categories, including the latest fashion trends, cutting-edge electronics, fresh groceries, delicious packaged foods, and branded cosmetics. Designed to provide an unparalleled shopping experience, Athwas Retail promises to be your premier destination for all your needs. Stay tuned for the grand opening and prepare to embark on a thrilling shopping adventure.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a premier, value-based, widely recognized PAN-India B2B and B2C service provider with the highest level of professionalism, continuously evolving strengths & expertise.

Our Mission

Adopt innovative technology, result-oriented, proactive, and problem-solving mindset to achieve company goals through perfect alignment with company policies and guidelines.


“For us, progress has never been a pipe dream; it has always been a far-off reality, and whenever one milestone is reached, there is always another one waiting around the corner. Our goal has always been focused on the commitments given to the people associated with us. The years we have experienced in the past are significant and we have intensively done our best to focus on customer satisfaction. The journey of IAMVPL is never-ending. But with the support of our team, partners, and customers, we believe that the company will continue to achieve milestones of excellence in the future.”

“At IA Multi Ventures (P) Limited, we believe that our business practices shall be significant to the lives of people. We think that our people can only rise above the task at hand and take full ownership to make a difference if they are given the flexibility and opportunity. I always wanted the company to push and reach more lucrative milestones. After overcoming many challenges with the support of our brilliant team, I was successful in bringing IAMVPL to a new milestone.”

CEO’s Message

Our Strength

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Our Partners

We are associated with multiple brands from global icons to local favorites. Being grateful to our partners is an inevitable part of doing business. Our responsibility is to ingest the expertise of our partners and serve as consultants to our clients to bring their services to the market.